Community-SUpported Seafood Shares


C.S.S. Shares

Inspired by Community-Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) shares offered by local farms, Silver Wave Seafood Co. is modeled after a similar concept with Community-Supported Seafood (C.S.S.) shares.  Silver Wave is your local fisherman offering "shares" of the wild Alaskan catch from our boat to your table, once a year at the end of the summer season.

As you can imagine, transporting wild-caught seafood from the cold waters of Alaska to the land-locked communities of Southwest Colorado is an odyssey. This explains why it's hard to find good, healthy, wild-caught fish at a reasonable price in Southwest Colorado. In order to be efficient and sustainable in our practices, as well as affordable and high quality for our customers, the C.S.S. platform provides an accurate pre-ordered amount of fish to catch, process, package and make the safe journey from our boat to your dinner table.

How it WorkS

  • Go to "Order Now" and place your "share" order between June 19 and Aug. 19, 2018

  • 10 lb., 15 lb., 25 lb. and 50 lb. shares will be offered until the maximum amount is reached, so order sooner than later!

  • DEADLINE to order is AUGUST 20th, 2019- we SELL OUT every year- so be sure to order early!

  • Once all total share orders are in, Silver Wave Seafood Co. will begin the transportation process from Southeast AK to Southwest CO by barge, truck and car

  • Stay tuned to the Harvest Schedule for more information about how to PICK-UP your share(s) during delivery.

  • Keep product frozen until you are ready to thaw, cook and enjoy

***If you are unable to personally pick up your fish share or arrange a pick-up, please CONTACT US about home delivery options for an additional fee

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 Facts: C.S.S. ShareS

  • Our C.S.S. Shares are specifically offered for residents of Southwest Colorado (sorry amigos elsewhere, hopefully we will get to your special mountain town in the future!)

  • All of our seafood is wild-caught in Alaska and it is DELICIOUS!

  • At this time, the Silver Wave C.S.S. will be offered only once a year - so order enough!

  • The fish is fresh-frozen or smoked and canned in order to make the journey over sea and land 

  • Freezing instantly keeps the water inside of the fish tissues, thus preserving juices and maximizing flavor and texture when thawed and cooked

  • If kept frozen, the packages have a one year shelf life in freezer

  • C.S.S. Shares are offered by # of lb. shares, 1 lb = enough for 2 meals  

  • All shares will be 50% Alaskan Sockeye and 50% Alaskan Coho to provide a variety of taste. They are two of the best quality Alaskan salmon available in SE Alaska.

  • No fish is transported by air, reducing the carbon footprint and price

  • You are supporting a LOCAL Fisherman!!