5 lb. Share of Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye & Coho Salmon

5 lb. Share of Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye & Coho Salmon


The five pound share is the “gateway” to get you hooked on wild salmon goodness! Perfect for the single-living, healthy-eating, land-locked person. Surprise your dinner party guests with a tasty treat from Alaska, or boost your immune system during the winter months with a taste of summer. Meal leftovers make a great protein addition for your lunch salad or wrap. 

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We are proud to offer the communities of Southwest Colorado an option for sustainable, wild-caught Alaskan salmon. In order to be efficient and sustainable in our practices, as well as affordable for our customers, our Community-Supported Seafood Shares platform provides an accurate amount of fish to catch, process, package and make the journey from our boat to your dinner table. For more information please visit our "Seafood Shares" page.

HARVEST SCHEDULE: Please be sure to check out our "Harvest Schedule" page to mark your calendars for ordering deadlines and harvest delivery dates/location. All product is to be PICKED-UP locally in Cortez, Durango or Telluride ( maybe Pagosa and Mancos too if we get enough orders!) in October 2019. Please "Contact Us" if you need a home delivery for an additional fee. 

MEASUREMENT OF SHARES: All shares will come frozen and are offered in pounds (lbs.) of edible fish weight ( no trimming necessary, comes packed and ready to prepare). The individual filets pictured above are porportional to one pound filets. Comes with skins and bones. 

1 lb. of Salmon Share = enough for 2 Meals ( so feeds two adults) 

For example: 1 lb X 2 meals 

5 lb. share = 10 meals, will fit in small freezer space

10 lb. share = 20 meals, will fit in regular freezer space 

20 lb. share = 40 meals, regular freezer space, if open space is available will work for this share, if not will fit in small chest freezer 

40 lb. share = 80 meals, small chest freezer space recommended. 

60lb. share = 120 meals, encouraged to divide among "share-holder" freezer space. If for an individual family or person, a small chest freezer is recommended for storage.

FRESH-FROZEN: Freezing instantly keeps the water inside of the fish tissues, thus preserving juices and maximizing flavor when thawed and cooked. If remained frozen, the vacumm-sealed salmon have a one year freezer shelf life.


All shares will include an even mix of Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye and Coho. Both options are considered to be some of the best-tasting salmon from Alaska and we want to provide our customers with a nice variety to develop a taste for high quality, delicious salmon. Characteristics of each include:

Sockeye: Firm, rich and flavorful with high content of oil packed with Omega 3's 

Coho: Rich, reddish-orange meat with a milder taste, medium texture and high level of natural oils