—  SOuthWest Colorado —

Nestled between the rugged San Juan mountains and high alpine desert, the magic of Southwest Colorado produces naturally active communities with a mindfulness for healthy living. 


THe Wild West 

The remote, land-locked location of Southwest Colorado is Utopia. It has everything  healthy, outdoor-loving enthusiasts could ever want.

Except good, wild-caught seafood.

Until now.


The Lifestyle

Hiking. Skiing. Kayaking. Climbing. Biking. Running. With four idealic seasons, the people of Southwest Colorado are always in motion, enjoying the surrounding trails, mountains, rivers and lakes. Healthy nutrition is valued as the fuel that allows us to enjoy and recreate in the beautiful landscapes among us. Furthermore, mountain towns are about community. Appreciation and support for locally-crafted, small businesses is part of our culture.  In order to offer high-quality, sustainable, wild-caught seafood at a reasonable price, Silver Wave is intentionally set up as a community-supported seafood share (C.S.S.) business to help make this dream come true.

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The Local 

A believer in the vortex force of Southwest Colorado, MJ Carroll is a native Durangatang. She has explored other mountain ranges and experienced city livin', but eventually followed her heart home. After spending four years in the PNW, she developed a love for wild-caught seafood and its nutritional benefits when leading an active lifestyle.  She is a full-time marketing consultant and moonlights as the co-founder of Silver Wave, navigating the process of sharing a healthy taste of Alaska with her beloved hometown.  (photo by Crystal Sagan)