2019 Harvest: 60% Coho / 40% Sockeye


60% COHO, aka “Silvers” (Black Labels)
40% SOCKEYE, aka “Reds” (Yellow Labels)

Why not 50/50?

Short Answer: Sustainability + Seasonality

Long Answer: As a community-supported company, we take a lot of pride in sharing a sustainable harvest with you and your table; in which, the ocean has shared with us and our boat. As a seasonal business, we have a short window of time to catch your fish. This year, the fishing grounds where we catch your fish, (look up Noyes Island off of Prince of Wales Island near Craig, AK if you want to trace where your fish comes from!) had a slightly lower sockeye return this year. In order to keep these runs strong and sustainable, Alaska Department of Fish & Game shut down the zone where we catch your sockeye early this summer, leaving us to provide you with more coho (60%) than sockeye (40%) this year.

Coho is our personal favorite; it is mild, easy to cook with and tends to be a larger filet for more sharing :)

Thanks for understanding this and supporting our efforts to bring you sustainable wild-caught salmon from SE Alaska to SW Colorado.
If you have any concerns, please email us.

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MJ Carroll