Skipper Notes: Salmon Prep!

Skipper Eric Macias has officially ended his fishing season IN Southeast Alaska and has settled back into life in Southwest Colorado......

Silver Wave Wild Salmon is currently in transit from Alaska to Colorado and will be in our hands next week! 

Here are some Tips from the Skipper on Preparing Wild Salmon: 

"Everybody has there own preference and there are about a million ways to prepare salmon. Perfecting your favorite method might take a few trys, but we will be including some recipe ideas with your order and here are some tips from the Silver Wave crew on how they prepare salmon....."

For Sockeye: "I like to keep it simple because the meat has such a good flavor. I will put a filet on some foil on a cooking sheet, skin side down, and season with salt and pepper. I personally like to add little butter squares sprinkled over the filet, you could substitute drizzled oil. For added touch, sprinkle diced green onions on top. i then throw it in the oven for 20 minutes at 350. i do not like my salmon too dry so i make sure not to over cook it." 

For Coho: "I like to get creative. While the filets are delicious prepared like above, you can get a little more for creativity here. Most recently, a fellow Durangatang marinated a filet with some hatch green chile sauce, baked it and then drizzled it with agave nectar. All I can say is: Delicious!"  


Complete your Salmon Meals with LOCAL VEGGIES: 

Sign up today for Tierra Vida's Winter CSA to get veggies from end of October through December! hey are the perfect nutritional match for your Silver Wave wild salmon! 

Carrots | Onions | Garlic | Leeks | Squash | Potatoes | Kale | Chard | Sprouts | Spinich| Lettuce

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MJ Carroll