It's FRIENDS WEEK at Silver Wave August 6-13!

Because we LOVE our Friends. 

As a "Community-Supported" seafood business, the word "Community" means a lot to us.

It means FRIENDS, support, stoke and collective power. As smaller, land-locked and rather remote mountain communities, Southwest Colorado knows what it takes to be a community...and we couldn't be more PROUD to be part of it! Thanks for having us, and most importantly, thanks for supporting us. 

If it weren't for community, we wouldn't be able to transport our fresh catch of wild salmon from Southeast Alaska (which is also very remote and island-locked) to the people of Southwest Colorado.  

Therefore, we want to offer the FRIENDS of our community a special offer this week. It's called: 


Cliff Notes Version: 

HOW IT WORKS: Spread the word to your local friends about Silver Wave and any orders placed between 8/6- 8/13 with your name in the "FRIENDS WEEK PROMO" box (see pic below) will earn you AND your friend (the one placing the order) an additional 1 lb. of fresh frozen, wild-caught Alaskan Coho to BOTH your orders! 

-------------> That's TWO POUNDS total, for FREE! (~ $30 value) <---------------

ONLY RULE: Both Friends must place orders of fresh frozen salmon shares either the 10lb., 15lb., 25lb. or 50lb. share to qualify.  

1.) The order summary when checking out will not automactically add one pound to your total, Silver Wave will be keeping track and confirm the added total individually after the promotion is over via e-mail. 
2.) If a friend has already referenced you in an order prior to 8/6 we have already added something special to your order as a sign of our appreciation.  Thank you!  

Thank you! 

Questions? Call us at 970.403.5172 or email us at:

MJ Carroll