The Crazy Truth about Seafood in America

Do you want to know something crazy? 90% of the fish we eat in America is imported. Way too much of that fish is farmed (see blog post below about farmed vs. wild). But, a lot of it is wild-caught in America….yet still imported.  

Say what??

Yeah, like we said, crazy.

A large amount of fish wild-caught in Alaska is frozen and exported to places like China where it is defrosted, deboned, processed and then refrozen.

(Side note: We do not recommend refreezing any meat, chicken or fish.)

Then, this American-caught fish is exported back to the U.S. to be purchased back by Americans.

Infographic from Fish People Seafood

Infographic from Fish People Seafood

That creates a large carbon footprint, requiring excessive transportation overseas and back + trucking to your local store. Not to mention how much time that takes to get fish from the fishing boat to your table. It has literally taken a trip around the world before it gets to your home.

At Silver Wave, we welcome you to KNOW YOUR FISHERMAN. Eric, co-founder of Silver Wave is out there catching YOUR fish. Which is frozen ONCE and processed IN Southeast Alaska. It is then put on a barge from Alaska to Seattle, a truck to SLC and then MJ & Eric will pick up the fish for a Southwest Colorado delivery for you to pick up and bring home.  

Eric Macias aboard his ship, the Silver Wave

Eric Macias aboard his ship, the Silver Wave

We do NOT send our fish to China…what do you think we are, crazy? We already get that when we say we tell people we sell fish in land-locked mountain communities :-) We just want to ensure our people are getting the best fish they can! #wildfishtowildmountains 

Order some of our AMERICAN, Wild-caught-in-Alaska-only-frozen-once-never-exported-fish today: HERE.

Want to learn more? Listen to this NPR interview called the “Great American Fish Swap

Check out this NY Times Story about, “Why are we Importing our Own Fish?”


MJ Carroll