Summer Reading

Interested in learning more about Wild Salmon? We think you'll find them fascinating.  

For your reading enjoyment, we have put together a list of topics and articles for you to read: 

WILD VS. FARMED:  Learn more about the ecologial and health impact of wild vs. farmed salmon

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: We've picked out some nutritional articles, specifically for active lifesstyles, about the benefits of adding wild salmon to your diet

ALASKAN WILD CAUGHT SUSTAINABILITY: Learn more about why Alaska is one of the best-managed fisheries in the world

DAMS: Another hot topic regarding the migration and vitality of our wild salmon, we highly recommend watching "Dam Nation"

BOOK CLUB: A couple books we recommend for your hot, summer afternoons: 

  • Totem Salmon by Freeman House
  • Highliners by William B. McClosky
MJ Carroll